Iata  citeva dintre site-urile accesate de mine  si care cred  ca  pot fi de folos:

http://www.jdrf.org/ -lor le-am si scris cu ceva timp in urma punindu-le o intrebare naiva: daca au intentia a vreodata,  in viata asta, sa-si deschida o sucursala in Romania sau undeva pe linga. Si iata raspunsul lor foarte dragut de altfel:

”Hello Ioana:

Thank you for your inquiry to JDRF.  Currently there are not plans to develop an affiliate in Romania , however we encourage you to continue to visit our website and you are welcome to use any of our materials to help other families living with diabetes.  Also, the International Diabetes Federation has a member agency in Romania – there contact information follows:

Societatea Romana de Diabet si Nutritie

Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
2 Clinicilor Street
400006 Cluj-Napoca
Tel +40-264-599578 / +40-264-599578
Fax +40-264-594455
E-mail nhancu@umfcluj.ro
Website http://www.soc-rom-diabet.ro

Our promise to you, your daughter and the millions of families living with diabetes is that we will continue to fund the best research worldwide and we will find a cure for diabetes and its complications.

Again, thank you for your message and we wish you all the best.

Susan Sobers

Director, Chapter Affiliate Resources

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

120 Wall Street, Suite #19

New York, NY 10005

Dir : 212-479-7546

http://www.diabetes.org/ -si lor le-am scris ”of couse” …-intrebindu-i de ultimile cercetari in materie de metode non-invazive de testare a glicemiei.

Si iata raspunsul lor:

”Dear Ioana,

Thank you for contacting your American Diabetes Association.  We have received your e-mail regarding meters.
The ADA does not recommend or endorse any particular products or companies.  As a service, we are providing the following information to you.

New Blood Sugar Monitor Has Warning Alarm
System Designed to Alert Diabetes Patients to High, Low Blood Sugar Levels
WebMD Medical News
February 13, 2004

The FDA approved a new continuous blood sugar monitoring device designed to protect diabetes patients by alerting them to potentially dangerous fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

By sounding an alarm when blood sugar levels become too high or too low, the Guardian Continuous Glucose Monitoring System warns patients to take action to bring their blood sugar levels back to normal.

When blood sugar remains high, as in poorly controlled or untreated diabetes, complications such as blindness, kidney failure, amputation, impotence, and heart disease can result. Dangerously low blood sugar levels can occur from treatment, excess exercise, or nutritional problems and can result in loss of consciousness or even death.

The new blood sugar monitoring device is worn outside the body and uses a blood sugar sensor placed under the skin to continuously record blood sugar readings for up to three days. These blood sugar readings are transmitted to the monitor.
The Guardian system can be used for any type 1 or type 2 diabetes patients – both children and adults — to help reduce erratic blood sugar fluctuations, according to Medtronic. The system is ideal for parents closely monitoring their children’s disease, patients who have lost their ability to detect rapid changes in blood sugar levels, and women with gestational diabetes or patients wishing to become pregnant.

The Guardian is manufactured by MiniMed, there contact information is:

Medtronic MiniMed
18000 Devonshire Street
Northridge, CA 91325-1219

Product Information (toll free): 1-800-MINIMED (646-4633)
International Headquarters:     1-818-362-5958

Medtronic is working on plans to combine the continuous glucose monitoring system with a diabetes insulin pump, with the hopes of one day creating an artificial pancreas. If all goes as planned, this new system would not only continuously monitor blood sugar levels but would be equipped to respond to these levels with a proper dose of insulin.

To receive our free packet of information on diabetes management and wellness, please reply to this e-mail with your full name and mailing address.

In addition, the American Diabetes Association offers memberships to both Consumers and Health Professionals. A general membership application form is included in the information packet that we send out. We also have free electronic newsletters. So if you’re looking for diabetes news updates, book information or ways to get involved, the American Diabetes Association has an e-newsletter that’s right for you.  Please visit our website links provided below for more information.

Jane Nyondo
Coordinator, National Call Center
American Diabetes Association




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